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We are opening a $1-for-a-drabble event to help out the victims that were affected by the Habagat flooding in Manila and neighboring provinces.

$1-for-a-drabble Mechanics

The drabbles:
  • Drabbles are technically 100-word stories but for this event, we'll change it up a bit and limit will be 500 words. 
  • Drabbles are open to all pairings and fandoms even outside JE. [Ex. Famous JE pairings (Akame, Ryoda, Tegomasu, KitayamaxFujigaya, etc); Kpop pairings (YunJae, EunHae, JungKae,Minho, Nickhun,HanChul,2Min,etc.); Takumi- kun Series pairings (TakumixGii, MisuxShingyouji, etc.); Artists with other artist/OC pairings (JinxMeisa, KamexOC, ShoxOC, DaraxGDragon,etc)]
  • Drabbles are also open to all genre. (Ex. Romace, crack, smut, fluff, humor, angst, AU, fantasy)

Pricing Rule
  • $1 for every drabble
  • To the make it easier for buyers and sellers, our project will mostly cater on drabbles. Authors who would like to write one-shots and multi-chapters instead of drabbles are also welcome. Prices on said works will depend on the authors. They’ll be the ones presenting the rates.

For Sellers
  • Sign up by leaving a comment on this post with the following information:
Your Name: lj username or nickname
How do we contact you? (Twitter ID/email address/PM)
What fandom(s)/pairing(s) I can write?
What genre or rating am I willing to write?
How many requests can you accept?
How soon can I deliver the request?

Or copy-paste the content of the text box

For Buyers:
  • Leave a comment on the author's thread on the sellers comment in this post with the following information:
Your Name: lj username or nickname
How do we contact you?(Twitter ID/email address/PM)
What pairings/fandoms would I like to request?
What genre/rating would I like to read?
Additional Details:
Try to be specific about the situation/scenario/plot to request but keep in mind that since it's a drabble, nothing too complicated. :D

You can also copy-paste the data from the text box:

How to Donate

Finished Works
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