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Mechanics for the Auction

Welcome to the Help Philippines Fanfiction and Graphics Auction! Thank you to all the writers and artists who have so generously offered to donate works for this auction. All donations will support the efforts of the Iligan Blogger’s Society and the Philippine Red Cross as they provide relief and aid to the people affected by the Sendong Typhoon.

So now it is time to bid! This is how the auction will work.

The items up for bid are grouped by category to make it easy for bidders to find what they are looking for. Here are the categories:


Charity Links:
  • Iligan Bloggers' Society:
                  Donate to Iligan Bloggers' Society
  • Philippine Red Cross:
                  Donate to Philippine Red Cross

The bidding will begin on January 1, 2012 at 9:00 am Philippine time. And will end on January 16, 2012 at 9:00 pm Philippine time.

How to Bid:

To make a bid, click on an author’s name in a category and leave a comment with the following:
  • Your bid’s dollar amount (in USD). Your bid cannot be lower than the starting bid for that item.
  • Any requests (pairings, genre, rating, etc.) Be sure to check the author’s restrictions first!
  • All raises should be at least $1 (you can also go higher if you like)

A Few Rules and Regulations:
  • This auction will not allow anonymous offers or bids.
  • All bids should be made through a LiveJournal account.
  • As a rule, once a bid is made it should not be changed or deleted. In the rare instance where a bid needs to be adjusted, please contact one of the mods.

After the auction is finished:
  • Writers and artists will be notified by one of the mods of the highest bids in each of their categories. (At this time, if they are able to, writers and artists may choose to accommodate the next highest bids, as well as the winning bid, pending those next highest bidder's approval. )
  • The winning bidders will then be notified so they can make their donations. To make a donation, please go to the web site of either Iligan Blogger’s Society or the Philippine Red Cross.
  • After you’ve made your donation, please forward the confirmation to
  • Once proof of donation has been received, we’ll let the authors and artists know and they will communicate with the bidders on the timeline and other details for delivery.
  • If a writer or artist has agreed to write more than one fic, or create more than one piece of art, please deliver to the higher bidder first.
  • Please post or link your finished fics to this community, so we can keep track of them all. There will be a specific entry for all the winning bids at help_pilipinas.


What’s up for Auction?
  • Any item in the original auction that hasn’t received a bid yet. Those items are now marked with a  next to the name of the author or artist
  • Those who wish to offer their words or arts but missed the sign-up are welcome to join this round! Pick you category from above and leave a comment with the following information:
                    Additional Info:
                    Minimum Bid: 

         Note: Only Drabble ($1) and One-shot ($3) have a fixed minimum bid price. For all other categories, please indicate your minimum bid.

How It Works:
  • The first person to bid at least the minimum bid on an item wins that item.
  • Similar to $1-for-a-drabble, the author or artist can work on your request as soon as the mods receive the confirmation email of your donation. But ONLY THE FIRST BID gets their request granted. (For more information on where to donate, click here.)
  • For authors and artists, please wait for the notification from any of the mods before working on the request.
  • If you make winning bids on multiple items, you can make one lump-sum donation but please indicate the items you are donating for with the amount of the donation when you send it to
  • All other rules apply.

If there is something we have not addressed or you need some clarification, please leave a comment below.
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