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$1-For-A-Drabble - Buy A Drabble [CLOSED]

The following are the writers who signed up for this event. It will be updated regularly if more people will sign up. If you would like to sign up as a writer, please leave your comment here.

Leave a comment with the name of the writer you chose and the pairing or plot that you want. Since it's a drabble, nothing too complicated and expect it to be short (probably around 1000 words). A small "Thank you" to your writer will be appreciated even though you donated for it. They're doing it for free 8D

Thank you for every one who participated to this event. You can visit the archive of all fics that were written for help_pilipinas.
Buying a Drabble:
  • Leave your comment on this post with the name of the writer you choose and the pairing you would like.
  • Please send your donations to either of the following organizations:
              ♦ Iligan Bloggers Society (kindly fill out the donation form at the lower part of the page)
              ♦ Philippine Red Cross (if asked, please specify it's for the victims of Typhoon Sendong)
  • Kindly forward the confirmation to help_pinas@yahoo.com. I will then inform your writer about it and they can start writing your fic.
  • You can request more than one drabble with a different writer for each.
  • The fics will be posted as a comment to your request.
Reminder: The writers will only start writing your request once your donations are confirmed.

pautamiAny Pairing Forte:Ryoda & JundaAny3-5 days
sugarbloodlolliRyodaAny3-5 working days
miruikiRyoda, JinDa, Koyashige Forte-RyoDaany3-5 days
floppy_snoopiRyoDa/JinDa/KameDa (friendship only lol)anything but angst; Rating-smut OK1 week
kyjrRyoda, Akame, Maruda, Pida, Tegomasu1 weekAny
sanoxryoda, junda, jinda, pidaany3-5 days
romapiPikame or any pairing with Pi or KameAny; a prompt will be good3-5 days
tkrp_sukiqany pair within the boundaries of both NEWS(6-nin) & KAT-TUN(6-nin)anything but fluff3~7 days
yukitsubuteAny pairingAny<3 days
paint_asmilekame/T-TUN, kame/yamapi, kame/kame, ryo/uedaanything but NC-171 week
yaotomesugoiRyoDa/MiruShigeanything but happy stuff lol (sad stuff forte)1 week
sweetspicyhotany pairingany genre but speciy rating5 days
fazlyn_nKame x Rare pairing. Anything from Kame x Arashi, Kame x Kimura, Kame x KT. Any rare pairing.Any genre except smut, het, major angst.2-3 days; can start working on the drabbles from 2nd Jan and onwards
citraryoryoda & akameany genre3-5 days
mesu87foxchanakame, ryoda, eunhae and jongkeyrating: PG-15 to NC-183 days maximum
lilly0any pairingany (just not too hard stuff)3-5 days
rabbit_or_wolf1ryoda & akameany3 days
aiaikazuanyone from KAT-TUN, Jin, Yamapi and Ryoany3-5 days
bellemelodyAkame, pikame, Ryokame, Nakame, akame from any drama, if you want Kame with someone else, we can negotiate :)anything you want, but not PWP. You can give me prompt or just one line or song.1 week
journal_chaosany pairingany genre except angst; any rating3-5 days
jubelcintajunda, akame, ryodagenre:AU
rating: G
1 week
twentyeytakoryoda & akamerating: G or PG15ASAP
jamie_spottyKame/Jin, Kame/Your choice, Yuuri/Wolfram(Kyou Kara Maou)any5-7 working days
heicherryANY -mainly Akame, RyoDa, JunDa or You/Idol (except for Senior JE groups .__.)any2-3 days
jayeannejin/kame and ryo/pi3-5 days
kame_kazu28akameanything but fluff and humor/up to R only, no smut or PWP pls
add'l info: if you have pics/images/vids or something in particular for the plot, much better
1 week
june_showerArashi, Kanjani/Tokio w/ reservationsno rape, no humiliation & no mpreg3-10 days
granity20RyoDa, TaNaka & TomaPiany except het/smut1 week
angelshillHET JExGirl
details here
any2-5 days
pandanyanJunda & other Ueda pairingsGenre: mostly fluff/smut
Rating: any
Add's info here
1-2 weeks
je_levyKAT-TUNcentric except Akame & Junda
Add'l info on pairings here
Any genre and any rating5-9 days
aoshashinAny pairing within EitoAnything except NC-17
more info here
A week at most
obstilationAny Arashi pairings esp Sho/Someonedetails hereLess than a week
snoozing_kittencurrent era, Arashi, News, kat-tun, K8 (pick w/ caution)anyNot until after the 4th at the very earliest
pikame_lovePiKame, Akame Tegomass(I could write other pairings within NEWS and KAT-TUN too, but no pairing with Junno or Koyama)Any (but would prefer fluff, romance and drama) , rating: pg-13 to R
no het/character death
preferably with prompt
1-2 weeks
encoded_pantiesany from YOU&J (KT, K8, NEWS, Pi, Jin)Genre: anything but best at gen/humor
Rating: G-PG-13
1-2 weeks
silverdoll14Ohmiya, Sakuraiba, Akame, RyodaGenre: Any except crack
Rating: any
3 - 5 days
nisanoaozoramostly Ryoda and Gen fic, but I'll give a try to write any pairing in Arashi, Kanjani8, KATTUN, KinkiKidsRating: anything below NC-17at least 1 week
xmelbbyxAkame, Akame hetanything below NC-17
no dark themes like horror and stuff
3-5 days
zero_shichiOhmiya, Sakuraiba, Sakumoto, JunbaGenre: fluff, romance & angst (no dark themes & pwp)
Rating: up to PG-13
1 week
mb_lucifiedDramione, Akame, Yunjae, Ryoda, Byaren, CharlesXErik (or anything within those fandoms)Genre: mostly angst but open to anything except smut
Rating: any except NC-17 or higher
2 weeks

Tags: $1-for-a-drabble, buy a drabble
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